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My name is Carolyn, I have been a therapist for over 10 years working with both adults and children.

I have 3 children  and 2 grandchildren as well as my pet family consisting of my dog and 2 cats. I am passionate about my role as a therapist and Reiki practitioner supporting you to become a happy, more fulfilled, relaxed version of yourself.

I am  an integrative therapist which means I am trained in a number of modalities which includes Person Centred, CBT, Solution focussed, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis. I am a registered  member of the  BACP counselling and Psychotherapy.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, I will be happy to talk through any questions you may have prior to making a booking. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Therapy & Angelic Reiki Healing

Therapy can be helpful if you’re feeling painful emotions or facing difficult decisions, if you want to improve or change your relationships, or if you’d like to develop a better understanding of yourself or others. Perhaps something unsettling has happened, such as a bereavement, redundancy, divorce or health scare. There may be something in your past that’s not been dealt with and is now interfering with your daily life. Or you may want help to cope with issues such as anxiety, stress or personal problem solving. You may feel isolated and have no one to talk to, but sometimes even those with the most supportive friends and family can find it difficult to explain why they’re feeling anxious or depressed. Or you might just find it easier to talk about personal, family or relationship issues with someone independent. But you don’t have to be in, or on the verge of crisis, before having therapy. You might be feeling dissatisfied with life in general or seeking balance in your life.


£45 per hourly session

Angelic Reiki and Crystal healing benefits


  • Deep relaxation

  • Deep level of healing for blocked energy

  • Calms the mind and body

  • Promotes a feeling of lightness in peace and calm

  • Treats the cause and relieves physical emotional and mental conditions

  • Can provide relief for pain or tension in the body

  • Boosts the immune system and can lower blood pressure

  • Transmutes trauma on all levels, particularly beneficial which stress, anxiety and depression

  • Heals past life issues

  • Assists fulfilment of one's soul purpose

  • Helps children - with ADHD, Autism, OCD etc.

Angelic Reki & Crystal Healing

£40 per hourly sessions

Contact Us

Mersey Rd, Runcorn WA7, UK

Mobile - 07927983438


Female aged 30

I first contacted Carolyn in 2020 when I was at the lowest I've ever felt. I wasn't even sure whether counselling would help (I had tried other counsellors in the past and not made much headway) but I was basically desperate to be able to rid myself of anxiety and depression and be able to function normally again for the sake of my daughter. Carolyn made me feel at ease from the first time we spoke to arrange an appointment and gave me practical techniques to use to deal with anxiety attacks from the off. In our sessions we discussed things I'd never even considered may be creating negative thought processes such as childhood events. I was often embarrassed by how upset trivial things made me but Carolyn always put me at ease and was never judgmental. It's great to meet someone you feel can tell anything to without being judged. I would sometimes dread appointments, knowing we would probably rake up hard things to talk about but would always feel a hundred times better after we had got to the root of the problem during our session (family members always knew if I had spoken to Carolyn as I was so much stronger and calmer!). Although I no longer have regular sessions, it gives me peace of mind knowing I can book a one off appointment within a few days if I need a 'reset' or just someone to talk things through with. Carolyn helped me to realise that anxiety and depression is an illness I may never be rid of but that I am strong enough to manage. 

I will forever be grateful to Carolyn for being there for me when I was at my lowest and had nowhere else to turn. She gave my daughter her mum back and made me feel more at peace with myself than I ever have before. My only wish is that I had got in touch with Carolyn for support years ago! 

Maled aged 50

Working with Carolyn change my life, I was diagnosed with ADHD later in life and was struggling with how to cope. I learnt ways of managing my behaviours and understood myself and how I tick. Best decision I made engaging with therapy.  

Parent of 16 year old female

My daughter was struggling with anxiety and low mood, since having therapy with Carolyn she has improved hugely and her confidence has grown so much.

Female aged 40

I had Angelic Reiki with Carolyn, first time I had tried Reiki and I couldn't believe how I felt after the session. I was so relaxed and calm, my anxiety has lessened since having regular session. It has become part of my self care and  i so look forward to having my Reiki.  

Training workshops coming soon please keep checking in for further information


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